Elounda Taxi Service

We offer the best rates for your :

  • Airport Transfers (Heraklion/Sitia)
  • Ports Transfers (Sitia/Heraklion/Rethymnon/Chania)
  • Tours anywhere on Crete

with our safe, comfortable and Luxury Taxi (Mercedes / E-Class)

Book a taxi

Send us direct e-mail to : stayros.tavlas@gmail.com with your

  • personal data(First & Last Name)
  • Phone Number
  • Number of Flight
  • Date
  • Time

Or call us : 00306946122675

Company identity

We are members of locals taxis company. Our basement is Nearby of Aghios Nikolaos area (Agios Nikolaos,elounda,kritsa,istron) .We are using mercedes E-class . We provide taxi transfer services since 1981.

Car Safety Tips

As more cars crowd the roads, it is important as ever for adults and children to take safety measures while riding or driving in the car. Here are some tips to help you reach your destination safely:

- Make sure children are safely buckled as well as yourself. When buckling up in the car, make it a habit to assure everyone is safely buckled before the starting the car. Safely buckled means

1) using all straps, not just the lap belt
2) One person per buckle and
3) Young or short children (5′ 2″ or under) in the backseat.

Passenger-side airbags are designed for normal-height adults. If deployed, the airbag creates a safety hazard for children or short people sitting in the passenger seat.
- Do not use cell phones while driving the car. Pull over to the side of the road to make and complete your call. There are three reasons it is not safe to talk on the cell phone while driving:

1) You must look away from the road while dialing or hanging up.
2) Your attention is elsewhere while completing the conversation and
3) In the case of hand-held telephones, you lose mobility as you juggle the telephone.